Stonewall Education Project

Stonewall National Education Project is uniquely poised through its vast national network of professionals, to help eliminate barriers, stand up for and empower our young people in a time when it has never been more vital.

Orlando Tragedy

In response to the Orlando Pulse Nightclub tragedy on June 12, 2016, SNMA is working with the Orlando community to house artifacts from remembrance vigils and events, and display memorial art to unite our community while offering the public a meaningful and lasting cultural heritage.

Oral History

Recognizing that senior members of our community are key sources of history, culture, and tradition, the Bruce Presley Oral History Project will draw upon the unique life experiences of LGBT seniors in South Florida to capture and preserve the past with vivid images of people, places and events.

National Marriage Registry

The Stonewall National Marriage Registry is an initiative by the country’s foremost national LGBTQ museum & archives to celebrate, capture and preserve names and images of the 380,000 pioneer same-sex couples who paved the way for national marriage equality

LGBTQ Curriculum

The 43-year-old Stonewall Archives is a resource that is used to integrate historically-relevant, accurate, information about LGBTQ history and culture into curriculum and lesson plans, intended to provide teachers the opportunity to teach and discuss LGBTQ history.

Queer Kids by Michael Sharkey

Since 2006, New York City based portrait photographer Michael Sharkey has been photographing gay teens and young adults as part of his on-going series Queer Kids. Born out of his own struggles coming out in the 80s, Sharkey says the focus of the project, where he interviews and portrays each subject, is to give this generation a voice, one he didn’t have at their age.