Our goal is to integrate historically relevant, accurate information about LGBTQ history and culture into curriculum and lesson plans, intended to provide teachers the opportunity to teach and discuss LGBTQ history. As part of the larger movement for equality of all people, Stonewall National Education Project is an advocate for the safety, inclusion and value of LGBTQ students, with the focus of improving student image, attendance, and graduation rates.

Diversity Exhibit

This exhibit contextualizes the LGBT Civil Rights Movement within the larger historical context of Civil Rights struggles throughout United States history.

Using an excerpt of President Barack Obama’s 2013 presidential speech as a starting point for discussion, the four-panel exhibit depicts historic photos, landmark-event court rulings, and examples of high-achieving individuals from the ranks of the Women’s Suffrage, African American, and LGBT Civil Rights Movements.

Familia, Tradición, Música

Familia, Tradición, Música, was created in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 – October 15, and explores the heritage and culture of Hispanic Americans and recognizes their many contributions to the American experiences. While “Hispanics” is the term used to describe the largest ethnic minority in the USA, the exhibit emphasizes the diversity of their many self-identities. Coming from different cultures, different races, and different countries, this exhibit emphasizes values of reflected in the lives of the notable Hispanics featured and demonstrate the great influence that Hispanics have in shaping American culture.

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